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Alicia Dewar - A Successful Combination of Creativity and Business

Alicia Dewar - A Successful Combination of Creativity and Business

Inspired by her Caribbean heritage, Alicia Dewar creates unique handmade jewelry using bead netting and other techniques. But she doesn't stop there.  Besides making jewelry, she immerses herself in writing, art, anything that involves creativity.  

Launching her business was not easy going in the beginning. Alicia recounts that "The first time I decided to start my jewelry business, the name was originally 'earringz n' thingz." I had no sound plan, I just thought I could wing it, and people would buy. Of course I was sadly mistaken and after two years, I had to close the business due to lack of sales." 

But Alicia decided to try again a year after that. This time, she gathered the information and resources necessary to become successful. She took a business course, drew up a business and marketing plan, and found herself a mentor "who encouraged me to change the name. It is so important to come up with a plan, and seek advice from someone with knowledge of the business before you start a new venture. It can save you a lot of time and money. Huge lesson learned."   

Alicia is "an Accountant by day, as well as a Lifestyle Blogger, so juggling all three hats gets a little complicated at times. But I wouldn't have it any other way." Refusing to be limited, Alicia expresses both her professionalism and creativity, embracing it all!

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