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Unisex Jewelry By Gabrielle Nicole

Unisex Jewelry By Gabrielle Nicole

The up and coming jewelry brand, DPRD, has been a dream of Dapper Designs founder, Gabrielle Nicole, ever since she was a little girl sorting through her mother's collection of jewelry. From piling on as many necklaces and bracelets as she could, to earning her BFA in Jewelry Design from Pratt Institute, this talented designer and business woman has made her passion into a reality. All DPRD pieces are handmade with care and love – not to mention the help of her miniature Husky, Meiko!

Gabby’s line of jewelry is visionary because it changes the way we see his and hers accessories, by creating genderless fashion made with sustainable materials. As a unisex brand DPRD blurs gender roles and challenges gender norms in today's society.

DPRD started out as a partnership between Gabby and friend, and was a men's ring line. Having her own brand was a creative and exciting way for Gabby to exert her creative energy on her own terms. When her friend decided to exit the partnership, Gabby was left with the tough decision of whether to take the risk to continue on, or to pick the safer option of closing the book on her dream.

She calculated the financial and emotional risks, quite her good job, gave up her comfortable apartment in NY, moved back to her roots in NJ and launched her solo brand, DPRD. And 3 years later, DPRD has expended into bracelets and necklaces and is unisex.

The functionality of DPRD pieces are also unique. The collection consists of interchangeable necklaces, bracelets, and rings that allow the wearer to hook and snap any other ring onto the exclusive pieces. This unique design allows for alternative ways of wearing wedding rings, charms, and family heirlooms. Gabby is most passionate about creating pieces that allow the wearer to tell a story and keep a memory close to their heart.

DPRD was created to enable everyone to wear their heart on their sleeve and be unapologetically themselves. Most recently DPRD has launched their Red String of Fate series: a fine jewelry collection inspired by the ancient legend of fate, trust, and life's unpredictable journey.

Pieces from this unique and beautiful collection are available online and on our shelves at All Things Local.

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