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Beverly Beveridge - Jersey Girl Barefoot Sandal

Beverly Beveridge - Jersey Girl Barefoot Sandal

Beverly Beveridge is passionate about living life to the fullest!  Finding the fun in everything she does, she loves to add to the festivity by making others happy too! A reward in itself.

Beverly's venture is called 'Jersey Girl Barefoot Sandal,' where you'll find 'fun foot jewelry' to be worn with flip flops, flats, pumps or even just barefoot.

It's clear that Beverly enjoys people and is very social, but she's learned that "all business owners need to survive rejection and learn that it is not personal." Her dad reminded her that "when things get tough, the tough get going!" Heeding his words, Beverly learned to overcome her fear of rejection, which has allowed her business to grow immensely. In her words, "Owning my own business has made me a better person by being compassionate in every aspect of my life."

Beverly's excitement is infectious, and she is delighted to see the smiles on girls' faces as they try on 'barefoot sandals.' Sparking their creativity, customers often come up with ideas for new styles, many of which become part of the line.

Beverly's positive energy is contagious, and she always enjoys speaking to her customers, proudly offering a delightful, quality product. 

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