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Colleen Lineberry - Nature-inspired Patterns, Textures, and Rhythms

Colleen Lineberry - Nature-inspired Patterns, Textures, and Rhythms

Colleen started her creative journey writing poems and stories. She came to visual art after taking a writing workshop in the early 1990’s. As part of it, she experimented with writing in journals and adding words to doodles as a way to free up writing ideas. One day she felt the need to add color, grabbed a box of oil crayons, and suddenly a whole new world opened up.

Colleen loves the art-making process. She works intuitively, whether painting or writing, and focuses on capturing the feeling of a place or moment, making marks to capture that feeling, whether with a pen or a brush.

She studied for 6 years, with international artist Rebecca Crowell (using oil and cold wax), artist Lisa Pressman, as well as textile artists Jane Dunnewald, Els Van Baarle, and many more. She draws inspiration from the works of Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler, and Henri Matisse.

Colleen’s work has been shown at many venues and juried shows in the tri-state area, including George Segal Gallery, Visual Arts Center of NJ, Aljira, City Without Walls, Caldwell College, Monmouth Museum, Atlantic City Museum, Art Alliance of Red Bank, Emerge Gallery, Pleiades Gallery, NYC, Studio Montclair, Gallery 211, Artspace 105, Arts Guild NJ, Belmar Arts, Brookdale Community College, and more.

She has won Baker's Dozen, Artist of the month, in Arts Guild NJ, and an Honorable Mention from the Creative Arts Gallery at Brookdale Community College.

“I am always inspired by the rhythms, patterns, and textures in nature whether in landforms, tree leaves, light glowing on canyon walls, or fields of reeds as they blow in the breeze,” Colleen relates.

Oil paint and cold wax on wood or panel are her media of choice, and sometimes she works on oil paper or multi-media board. Her process is organic, and one gesture or color informs the next as she applies very thin layers of oil paint mixed with wax using a squeegee (no brush). She adds texture by using a brayer to press patterns into the layers as well as make marks using oil stick, graphite, charcoal, and more.

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