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Deirdre Forrest - Singer & Songwriter

Deirdre Forrest - Singer & Songwriter

Deirdre Forrest is a singer, songwriter who has played ukulele and guitar for the past five years. She performed at All Things Local along with Joseph Alton Miller on July 12th and it was an amazing evening.

Deirdre is inspired by nature and memories and experiences in new places with people that she loves and things about her music and sound as a blend of her biggest influences: Soul, Indie Rock, Folk & Blues. "I love so different many artists and bands. I write very personal songs. They all start as poems and them I sit with my ukulele and create a melody around my words."

Deirdre began performing as a teenager and she struggled with very bad stage fright, panic attacks and anxiety. Deirdre told us that she had to fight long and hard to push back the anxiety and fears and learn to grow confident in her voice and abilities.

Deirdre thinks that singing and writing are her greatest passions and "that being able to live my dream of performing and sharing my songs gives me so much joy. I hope that by being raw and real and honest in my writing helps others that have been through similar things in their lives."

Deirdres EP, Fear [Less] is a celebration of all the hard work that she has done to get this point. It has been a long journey. I'm proud of my evolution. The album is still in the works, but the songs shine, with thanks to people I'm lucky to call friends: guitarist Jimmy Farkas and brilliant producer Steve Greenwell. I can't wait for everyone to hear the new tunes!

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