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Felicia Bonaimo - Serenity Scents + Soaps

Felicia Bonaimo - Serenity Scents + Soaps

Named after her 'Nona,' Felicia Bonaimo was born in the famous Borough of Brooklyn, where she was nurtured by her Italian grandmother. Nona came over with Felicia's mother Katherine from Palermo, on to France, and then to America through Ellis Island in 1917. That is where her journey to become her own boss began. "I guess I inherited my drive from my Nona, a very courageous woman."

It would appear so. 

Family is most important to Felicia, and her loyalty continues beyond death. "Losing a loved one is always a healing process and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of each and every one of them. I am so lucky to be visited by them in my dreams. Visits from loved ones always make me smile." 

After family, it's connections with people, learning about their passions, and what motivates them.

What she's learned: "In my desire to nurture my creativity I found myself being drawn to products with a clean and natural feel and started reading and studying and taking thirst for continuing to learn more about this industry has not quelled to this day. So it began.

Handcrafted soaps, lotions, body butters, facial serums and eye creams, shave soap, beard oils and balms, lotions sticks and blushes, essential oil blends, aromatherapy mists, new products all the time. All made with love and organic ingredients in Felicia's very own soap kitchen built by her husband.

"We, as women, wear many hats and we don't take enough time out for ourselves. When you use my products I want you to live in the moment and own it!"

Felicia knows something about living in the moment. A couple of years of her life were spent battling a breast cancer diagnosis, but after two surgeries, she is a 5 year, cancer-free survivor. Blessed with a supportive husband, a loving and caring family and friends to lean on, Felicia says, "I don't think I could have gotten through it without them"

Creating healthy products has helped Felicia overcome adversity. "Sharing my knowledge and education with others is what I love to do. I am grateful for every day! I am, I am! I am the owner and creator of Serenity Scents and Soaps."

Felicia's quest to create products using minimal ingredients that are healthy and wholesome continues. With her husband Bill, they work together to cater to women and men of all ages: Cosmopolitan, country and in between.

"My Company's Mantra: Healthy Skin = a Healthy Mind and Soul!"

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