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Gift Giving Tips for the Office

Gift Giving Tips for the Office

Arrange a team gift for your boss: It's less expensive, and you can give them something they really want because everyone chips in. Don't make it too personal, but keep it sincere and relevant.

Say Thank you: Use the holidays as an opportunity to thank your team, colleagues, customers, and all those in your circle of help and influence. Consider a gift card to a local coffee shop that they or a box of locally made products specific to a neighborhood they call home.

Presentation is Everything: The most inexpensive gift increases in value when packaged and presented with flourish and style. Add a festive box and/or bow to every gift to make it special. And remember that many stores gift wrap for free over the holidays.

The Season of Giving: Don't forget to acknowledge those who are less fortunate and for whom the holidays may not be a happy time. Many companies participate in collecting food and gifts for the less fortunate. What is it worth to you to put a smile on the face of a homeless person?

About All Things Local:

We sell gifts and gift boxes of unique, local, one of a kind, American made products. We support small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, craftsmen, artisans, makers and producers within the united states.

You can choose from our ready-made boxes, or create a custom box of your own. Some of our theme boxes are: Women's Spa, Men's Spa, Serenity Box, Detox Box, Love You a' Latte Box, Dog Box, Wine Box, Coffee Corner Box and many others...

We have an online store, a brick and mortar store in Red Bank, NJ, and we ship across the United States.

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