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Janice R. Moore - Pioneering a New Technique in Pastel Art

Janice R. Moore - Pioneering a New Technique in Pastel Art

In the first grade, Janice began to realize that doing art was especially important to her. She learned her craft by interacting with artist friends, and taking an occasional course at the Art Students' League with Rudolph Baranik, as well as Jersey City State with Stephen Muno, and Delgado College in New Orleans with L. S. Carstater. She mainly studied independently, drawing inspiration from the works of Whistler, JMW Turner, Franz Marc, and Ichiku Koboda.

Janice has exhibited in the past at various galleries along the Northeast Corridor, and Staten Island Museum. She has won awards during recent years from The Plastic Club - Philadelphia, PA. Honor has been extended for private consultations with M. Hollmann, Professor of Painting, Akademie der Bildenden Kunste – Munich, Germany, a scholarship at Akademie der Bildenden Kunste – Munich, Germany and a scholarship at The Barnes Foundation – Merion, PA.

Her current work is inspired by her love of sky and cosmic imagery. “I consult the NASA site online each morning to add to my internal reservoir of imagery,” says Janice. “Even if I don't work on a painting that day, what I have seen remains and mixes with my daydreams to inform a later work. Even if working on a landscape, sky becomes an important element.”

Janice’s special process in making her art involves scraping pastels (medium hard) through a tea strainer and moving it over the area she is working on. Sometimes, she uses several colors, then blends them directly on the work with her fingers. This methodology is uniquely her own, with no record of it being in use anywhere else, as far as she knows.

In 1982, Janice was awarded a scholarship at the Bildenden Kunste in Munich. Though she tried to land a job and a place to live so that she could stay, she had no money to live on and ran out of time. Heartbroken, she returned to the United States, feeling that an important opportunity had been snatched away.

“After some depression, I realized one day (duh) that I didn't have to be in Germany to be an artist. I was an artist wherever I was!” And today her work continues - with or without a scholarship.

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