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Judi Hull

Judi Hull

Judi is a painter of anything she can find. Bold, friendly colors and uplifting inspiring subject matter are among this artists favorite things to paint.

“Todays world can be a complicated and dark place. There is just so much everyday simple and natural beauty around us. Why not just paint it.”

Judi is a painter of everyday things around her. It all starts with a snap shot she takes while on a dog walk, bike ride or just out with friends. She enjoys taking her photography to next level - the big canvas with acrylics and oils. Her unique vision and style results in smiles from the viewers of her work. There is no shortage of subject matter in and around Asbury Park so Judi continues to paint scenery and subjects that represent simplicity and beauty. Commissioned paintings are available. 

Judi Hull - JustJudi is an Asbury Park, New Jersey based artist with studio space in The Jersey Shore Arts Center right around the corner in Neptune. Judi earned her 3 year Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.) in Graphic Design at Ducret School of the Arts. She continued her studies at California College of the Arts and The Arts Students League in New York.

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