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Julie and Soph - True Formulation

Julie and Soph -  True Formulation

True Formulation Philadelphia You could think of us as your personal skincare apothecary - every product we have is like a freshly blended smoothie for your skin, made fresh every day using only natural ingredients, no preservatives. Specifically, we hand make a collection of 100% natural skin care and body care products formulated to be clean, effective, and luxurious. Our 'recipes' are tried-and-tested formulas inspired by ancient beauty rituals - luxuriously natural and soothing. We pride ourselves with ethically sourcing and using only the best natural ingredients, with absolutely zero chemicals and preservatives. Everything is packaged carefully to preserve the freshness and nourishing properties of each ingredient. "We are passionate about bringing out the beauty within each of us with nature's purest and most powerful ingredients. Our vision is that skincare should be truly 100% natural, effective, and luxurious -- meticulously handmade, balanced in nature's purest and finest ingredients, and fresh every jar. That's why we created True Formulation.

At our core, we believe every person should have the chance to look, feel, and be their most amazing self. True beauty comes from within, and feeling and looking comfortable in one's skin is only the beginning. We want to establish True Formulation as a trusted skincare company and a champion that gives voice to beautiful, strong, and powerful women. As True Formulation began to grow in the community, we have taken a collective focus on equipping women immigrants and refugees with the necessary opportunities and skills to create the lives that they envision. " "As a first-generation immigrant, one of the most defining time of trials in my life was the initial years of settling into America. I arrived not knowing any English beyond the alphabet and resided in a small, homogenous town in north Jersey with no one who related to my experiences. Not being able to communicate or express myself was both difficult and isolating. Rather than going with the flow and missing out on a new world, I decided that I was going to be fluent in two years.

I started memorizing the dictionary, watching the same TV shows until I finally understood the colloquialism, and mustering courage to strike a conversation with native speakers and at times having to spell out what I was trying to convey, simply because I didn't know the right pronunciation. I not only became fluent but had a greater command of the language than some of my native peers. It has opened many doors - from amazing friendships to career opportunities.
Looking back, those were some of the toughest months and year, not knowing when and whether all my effort would pay off - but they did. The same determination, grit and focus were critical in reaching many of my personal milestones since then, including starting True Formulation. " Our passion in perfection!

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We sell gifts and gift boxes of unique, locally, one of a kind, American made products. We support small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, craftsmen, artisans, makers and producers within the United States.
You can choose from our ready-made gift boxes, or create a custom gift box of your own. Some of our theme boxes are: Women's Spa, Men's Spa, Serenity Box, Detox Box, Love You a'Latte Box, Dog Box, Wine Box, Coffee Corner Box and many others...
We have an online store, a brick and mortar store in Red Bank, NJ, and we ship across the United States.

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