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Kerry Dyke - Mythical Renaissance-Inspired Paintings

Kerry Dyke - Mythical Renaissance-Inspired Paintings

Steeped in art history, Kerry is especially inspired by Renaissance drawing and pre-Raphaelite painting, along with Richard Dadd from the Victorian age. Bringing these sensibilities to life through the medium of egg tempera, her contemporary influences include Fred Wessel and Andrea Kowch.

Not confined to the visual arts, Kerry loves mythological writings, and has a longtime passion for athleticism, being a dedicated distance runner.

Earning a BFA in visual arts from the Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts, Kerry has exhibited her stylized renderings at her hometown venue, the Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts, Casa de Ribatejo Art Space in Newark, and Saphira & Ventura Gallery in Manhattan, winning several awards along the way.

Kerry has refined her signature technique. Instead of using fine, parallel brushstrokes, as is traditional to modern and contemporary egg tempera, she paints multiple thin, transparent layers to create depth, some of which are even scumbled or brushy.

When Kerry started college, she went through a period where she struggled with anxiety and suicidal depression, which resulted in several hospitalizations. This situation, compounded with other difficult life circumstances, made continuing her education difficult, and getting good grades even harder.

"Something had my back though, and I made it through to the other side,” she says. She also credits her professors and administration for being very accommodating, allowing her to stay in school despite her struggles, and to continue to grow as an artist.

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