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Mai Cleary | Oasis TLC - Therapeutic Life Centers

Mai Cleary | Oasis TLC - Therapeutic Life Centers

Mai Cleary of Oasis TLC (Therapeutic Life Centers) is  passionate about people with autism! They have many gifts and talents, but most of all tremendous spirit!"

The same can certainly be said for Mai herself...she has, most of all, tremendous spirit! 

Imagine the fear and uncertainty when you are told that your first-born child has will you navigate being the best parent you can be?

"We are overcoming this by highlighting the positive aspects of autism."

Mai and her family have truly created a nurturing Oasis for young adults with autism. Experiencing nature and its abundance first hand, the members of the community pitch in to tend the goats, make the cheese and soap and contribute to the production of all the other goodies on offer at the farm.

OASIS TLC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote inclusion and acceptance of autistic individuals into their local communities by establishing environmentally exemplary farm centers that provide meaningful work, peaceful and healthy residences and community interaction.

Organic vegetables, organic eggs, goat cheese and yogurt. Goats milk soap and skin products, hand woven items, wooden cutting boards, candlesticks bird houses and more. Ceramic vases soap dishes and aprons, wine bags. Also, fresh baked wood oven bread. And, original artwork! 

Sounds idyllic, doesn't it? And you can even be served tea on a Sunday.

Mai continues, "I am privileged to be in such a good position to give back," and most certainly Mai's charges  are blessed to have such a staunch and nurturing advocate.

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