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Manioucha Krishnamurti Creates Intricate Porcelain Vessels

Manioucha Krishnamurti Creates Intricate Porcelain Vessels

Manioucha Krishnamurti aka Potmania, produces porcelain vessels of all kinds... Noodle bowls, Wave-shaped Ice Cream Bowls, Carved Cache-pots, & Teapot Sets -- all are one of a kind. The pieces are thrown, trimmed, altered, carved, (and assembled in the case of teapots), fired, bisque when green, then glazed, and finally fired a second time.

The nerve center of her business is the bright yellow workshop that's located in the basement of her home, that she shares with her husband Vasili, and her daughter Tara.

She has an unwavering passion for ceramics that goes back to her twenties, when she first handled some groggy clay at Pickadilly Farm in Dorset. Nothing compares to the process of transforming an amorphous lump into something both functional and, hopefully, aesthetic. She strives to make distinct and well crafted pieces that you will cherish.

For years she has taught ceramics all over Manhattan, at locations such as LaMano, The 52nd Street Y, Union Square Ceramics, and Brickhouse in Long Island City. She loves to watch her students catch "the clay bug."

"Ceramic is a demanding mistress. You can't treat her flippantly," Manioucha says. "If you are too cavalier, pieces can dry too fast and form S-cracks. Glazes badly mixed can crawl." There are so many points in the production process where things can go wrong. When assembling a teapot for example, the consistency of the handle and spout have to be perfect in relation to the body of the piece.

When she lived in Paris, she worked full time at a business school and gave lessons on weekends. "That's nothing to do with clay," we hear you say. Well, she set up a makeshift workshop in her apartment: wheel, kiln, and all. She had only a few hours each week to devote to her passion, and even less cash to spare for supplies. It's a very costly hobby. When she came to the the US in the 90's having met her future husband, not having a green card meant she couldn't work. This led her to fill her days attending ceramic courses. She signed up for every class under the sun and then became an assistant at Greenwich House, and then at The Y, which led to her being invited to teach. There was a year when 3 key members of her family passed, leaving her grief stricken. Clay provided a refuge and brought her much solace.  "One loses oneself in the process, and at the same time connects with a deeper meaning of self," she relates.

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