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Mixed Media Artist Brings Sunshine & Smiles

Mixed Media Artist Brings Sunshine & Smiles

In her own words, Monique Topp is a “Canadian transplant that has always loved to do any kind of art.”

She has been paper crafting, stamping, painting, collaging and making pottery for over 20 years.

14 years ago, Monique made the decision to stay home and raise her daughter and autistic son. Staying home allowed her to “put life on hold in difficult patches, and be there to help my son feel comfortable in his own skin.”

In those difficult times it was art that gave Monique a place to temporarily escape and regroup. Even today she makes some of her best pieces during those times. And now that both her children are in school, she has taken her love for art and creativity to new heights by starting Bright Idea Arts & Crafts. Bright Idea explores the world of mixed media art. Monique enjoys doing whimsical themed work on canvas and wood. She also enjoys incorporating many different textures, bright colors, phrases and 3D embellishments into her pieces.

Monique’s unique, happy, fun-filled artwork gets her a lot of custom orders. One of her most popular custom pieces is of a dog with the words: Love begins with a wet nose and ends with a tail. Customers can submit a picture of their fur babies and receive a character likeness in a fun, happy, setting, designed to elicit a smile from anyone who sees it.

Monique also loves to share her knowledge and passion for mixed media by teaching classes, offering in-home or office mixed media art parties, as well as doing local fundraisers.

This past year she began offering prints, greeting cards and magnets created from her originals, which have been a big hit with ATL customers.

Monique does art on a daily basis because it defines her as a person who is always striving to be inspired, positive, bright and cheery!

We at ATL can attest that she does it extremely well, and we are excited to tell you about our partnership with Monique in the establishment of the Bright Idea Arts & Crafts Club, where we will be providing a regular in-store venue for creativity and collaboration for customers of all ages.

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