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Nicole Stoeber - The Painted Flame

Nicole Stoeber - The Painted Flame

Throughout Nicole's life she has been artistic and crafty. Never mind the lemonade stand, she was selling crafts outside of her house as a kid, inspired by art camps she attended. Always yearning to express her creative instincts, Nicole was an art major in high school, continuing on as an interior design student, and graduate in college.

Knowing that it takes patience and loyalty 'to stick by someone in the dark depths of addiction,' Nicole showed true character when a loved one was going through a tough time wrestling with this challenge. She says "I grew stronger from the experience and have learned a lot about others, addiction, and myself." Believing that the stigma surrounding addiction needs to be broken, and people need to be educated, Nicole found this the motivation to start her business. Using the 'light' from her candle creations, she is inspiring others to find the positive in the moment, at a time when the impulse might be to 'escape.'  

Nicole knows that hard work can be a refuge, holding two other jobs as well, putting her life-long artistic experience to work. She brings her knowledge of color to bear as an expert paint consultant at a local hardware store, helping customers envision a vibrant makeover for their home projects. But she doesn't stop there: she uses her craft skills to create appealing confections as a froster at a local bakery. 

And still she finds time to hand-pour 100% soy wax into unusual and delightful candles, intended to create a welcoming ambiance in your home. Designing the candles, packaging, and labels gives Nicole a way to share her joy in making objects of beauty.  Nicole says that "My biggest passion in life is to stay crafty and artistic and use it to bring joy and happiness to others." What better way to make use of natural talents?

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