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Rachel Mambach the Artist

Rachel Mambach the Artist

Rachel, who hails from Bricktown, NJ, was our first vendor-partner to bring her artwork to our store, so she has a special place in our hearts. We are fascinated by her miniature embroidered paintings, having never seen anything like them before.

Perfect for small spaces, these unique, handmade pieces can brighten up an office desk, bring texture and coziness to a home, finish a gallery wall, or even decorate a Christmas tree.

Rachel also paints miniature scenes on rocks for all holidays, including Christmas and Hanukkah, and she makes individually hand painted gift tags. Her larger watercolor prints of animals and nature are a delight on any wall.

"Art is a very personal thing, and when you put it out for others to see, you risk negative criticism. It's something that all artists have to deal with. Its hard to take rejection over and over again, but that's how you also become better. I think artists embody what it means to persevere, and we are very strong because of it.

When I first decided to launch my art as a business, it was a huge risk, but I am so happy I did it. If we all did the same thing all the time and never took risks, we would never grow."

One very noticeable thing about Rachel in person, is her wonderful aura, which comes from her passion for creating art that makes people feel happy. As an elementary school art teacher, Rachel loves helping her students create art that makes them happy and proud. She tells us: “I make all my best art when I’m feeling happy, and I hope my art makes them happy too.”


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