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Renee Maskin - "Fired for going on tour w/the Pretenders"

Renee Maskin - "Fired for going on tour w/the Pretenders"

Renee Maskin, local Asbury Park singer-songwriter, has been singing and playing guitars for 20 years. She always wears a hat when she gets onstage with her band; a glass of whiskey in her hand and her guitar around her back, she inhabits the characters in her band's songs. In her words, "I'm always trying to merge my love for Willie Nelson and my love for David Bowie. That's where everything begins."

Sharing her philosophy, she says, "There's poetic potential all around us if you're looking for it. Sometimes it's in a line in a newspaper article. Sometimes it's in the rhythm of a truck going by. Sometimes it's in a joke that only I find funny. It's good to be alert.

"I got fired from my job for going on tour with the Pretenders. But I overcame it by going on tour with the Pretenders."

Maskin's measured vocal performance, nasal tone and knowing, lilting, whispering delivery reminds one of Jenny Lewis, or even Gwen Stefani at times, and she spins her stories always from a place of calm -- when Maskin sings about dirt, dust and lines in the road, she convinces us that she's done her time on the highway. Singer Renee Maskin is an established singer-songwriter and the band Lowlight is currently working on its first full-length album. Part Southern Gothic, part Americana and part indie, Lowlight is blazing new trails that include pop elements and some jammy excursions. Founded in 2014, the group playfully describes themselves as "roadhouse chic."

Renee will be performing live at All Things Local this Sunday, May 6th 2018 at our free music event. Come join us from 2-4pm for this fun concert.

Watch her TEDxAsbury performance here:

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