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Sandy Marion- I AM ORGANIC

Sandy Marion- I AM ORGANIC

In 2007, Sandy Marion started “going organic” and began paying attention to what she was eating and using on her skin. Leading her to realize that buying organic food was much easier than finding organic and natural bath care. Having suffered from eczema all of her life, she needed something effective that didn’t contain potentially harmful additives. She spent years researching natural ingredients and their effects on various skin ailments. After a lot of mixing and matching, Sandy formulated something special: a line of nutrient-rich skin care that smelled as amazing as it performed.

In 2009, Sandy launched her products in a few stores and acquired some sales but ultimately, not hitting the level of success she needed. Little did she know that her prayer was being answered. She says it was then she realized that the missing piece of the puzzle was a connection to the human spirit. Her company needed to represent what she ultimately wanted to share with others: community, spiritual awareness, and a total experience that cares for the mind, body, and soul. 

After years of meticulous research, hard work, and trial-and-error, Sandy couldn’t be more excited or proud to finally showcase I AM ORGANIC in the way that she always envisioned it.  

"For years I have been providing myself with whatever I need to guide me to my sacred space of well being, just by taking care of my skin. Whether it’s gratitude, energy, empowerment, or restoration – I just reach for it in my shower. And now you can, too."- Sandy Marion

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