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Scott Staats - Handblown Glass Artist

Scott Staats - Handblown Glass Artist

Scott Staats - Handblown Glass

Scott has found that trying to make money and stay employed as a glass blower is not always an easy road to follow. Scott says it has taught him to be hard working, self disciplined and to always follow your dreams. Scott feels that If you spend all your time trying to achieve goals that you really believe in, it makes the time well spent and gives a sense of satisfaction, purpose and inner joy.  Scott's ideology is "Time is the most valuable asset you have, so spend it well."

Scott also enjoys and gets inspiration from the outdoors. He loves camping, kayaking, hiking, backpacking and especially rock climbing! His artistic talent is also evident in his love of playing the guitar and he is often times inspired in his work by music.

Scott has a wonderful wife Mallory and they love walking in nature with their dog Stella.

Check out a video of Scott at work in his studio:

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