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Shipwreck Iron – Imaginative and Timeless

Shipwreck Iron – Imaginative and Timeless

Ever the ‘Artist Activist,’ Steve Harrison in Spring Lake Heights creates decorative works from reclaimed metals ‘making anything,’ incorporating the patina of re-purposed metal into the texture of each piece.

From our seafaring legacy, choose a mermaid, a raptor, a harbor seal, a blue whale, shark or crab; the sea is a limitless source of beauty to draw upon. Piping plovers reflected in the water are finely wrought into a fine example of craftsmanship. Evocative of a ‘primitive’ style of seafaring people, pieces of non-skid metal become the traditional symbol of ‘welcome,’ the pineapple, evoking abundance from far off journeys.

But Steve is not limited to maritime themes. How about a Santa to bring mirth and joy to your front porch? An abstract outdoor privacy screen, or a mask?  Or even a set of super cool stools made of water meter rounds?

Steve transforms a pile of cast off ‘junk’ into beautiful timeless objects, incorporating the transformation of time as a process full of wonder.

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