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Victoria Pavero is Vickle Pickle Boutique

Victoria Pavero is Vickle Pickle Boutique

Victoria is a New York based artist who hand-paints gratitude stones. The Gratitude Stone is an inspirational and spiritual symbol of strength created to give people a tangible sign of hope, inspiration, love, tranquility, courage, and a reminder to be grateful for the positive aspects of their lives. It can be for someone who just lost a loved one, is battling an illness, or for someone starting a new phase in their life such as interviewing for a new job, retirement, divorce, starting a new business, etc.

In her words, "I originally created the Gratitude Stone to help me through a tough period in my own life - the loss of both my parents. It was a powerful symbol of hope that gave me strength to push forward and focus on the important things in my life such as my family and friends." 

About a year and a half ago she lost 2 parents in less than 2 months of each other, both from cancer. "Nothing could have prepared me for the loss of my mom who was my best friend, " Victoria relates. She was there for her with every happy occasion and she also helped her with every heartache.

"This really was the first heartache I had to deal with without her here helping me." She quickly became unmotivated and was waking up feeling like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. After doing some reading praying and soul searching, she created the idea of the gratitude stone.

"I wrote the 2 poems that are included in every gratitude stone box and started painting. I needed a physical reminder daily to help me focus on the positive things in my life such as my daughter who needed me as much as I needed my mom. I created this and put this on my nightstand every morning and was reminded to keep focusing on the positive aspects in my life. It helped me in my own healing journey and since then it has helped so many others on their journey as well. I love connecting and helping others on their healing journeys - no matter what the journey is it’s always nice to know you are never alone"

You can shop for her stones here:

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